mardi 21 octobre 2014

Off !

I'm leaving .
I'll be back  in about two weeks .

Take a good care of you !

dimanche 19 octobre 2014


A beautiful ballet can be seen
early in the morning
in center of town ..

I wish you a nice sunday !

vendredi 17 octobre 2014

The old washhouse

No more laughs  ,
no more meetings , no more gossips..

No more cold hands  ..

From old times ,
 only remains the water
in the washhouse ..

My contribution to WEEK-END REFLECTIONS ,
a meme hosted by James

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Bigger than life

Nice has a famous symbol :
The Blue Chairs ,
along the sea ,
on the "Promenade des Anglais " .

Since October , 4th ,
 we have a new blue chair .

Created by the artist SAB .

3 meters high .
Flat .
Funny .

A new symbol born from the old one .

mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Back down

is the name of the mountains
 you can see all around .

Small Streets roll up around the peak ,
and while you're walking ,
 you turn around the place ...

..steps guiding you to the top
and back down ..

Maybe , between two stones ,
in summer ,
you'll see a small lizard ,
with its tail cut ..

"Cut tail " :
"Coda rasa"
Coaraze ,
is the name of the village .

lundi 13 octobre 2014

Body and soul

The sound of your own breath will be
your only company .
Your knees will remember
 every step of the way .

Your nose won't forget the scent of flowers ,
your eyes will be attracted by every detail ..

And finally ,
you'll reach the top ..

The place where to rest ,
 where to think ,

Satisfaction for body and soul ..

dimanche 12 octobre 2014


Don't be afraid by grey skies .
Put on your best shoes !
Like many villages around here ,
 was built on the  top of a mountain ,
in times when to see ennemies arriving
was a question of survival .

Which means that today ,
one still have to climb to discover the place .

Will you walk with me
through olive trees ?
Among lavender ?
Between old houses?..

vendredi 10 octobre 2014

Even dragons ..

... may become a little narcissistic ..

... as long as the mirror is large enough !

My contribution to WEEK-END REFLECTIONS ,
 a meme hosted by James

jeudi 9 octobre 2014

Hurry to take time

1818 .
After  a war between Napoleon and the Tsar ,
Russian soldiers invade Paris .
They're not allowed to stop while they're marching through streets .
But some are thirsty.
 They walk inside of a bar and
 ask for some drink "quickly, fast ! ".
"Quick" , in russian , is "Bistro" ...
Since that time , 
our bars , or pubs , are called Bistro . .
Like most of french people ,
I like to take time to go to a bistro .
Tchating ,
drinking , enjoying moments with good friends ..

Nobody's sure about that russian story .
Maybe it's a legend .
But , well,
I like this idea ,
 to take my time in a place
where Russian soldiers  once  had to hurry ...
(This post is dedicated to those who shared this time with me )

mardi 7 octobre 2014

Autumn flowers

And Rain said  :
" Umbrellas ! ....

... Blossom !"

samedi 4 octobre 2014


A morning in Provence .

The old golden stones enjoy last sun rays

The fountain is taking a rest 
after a long summer work .

Chestnut trees at their best
celebrate autumn 's arrival .

vendredi 3 octobre 2014


Looking for a friend  ,
on the other side  of the street ..
( "Copine"  means "Girl Friend" )
My contribution to WEEK-END REFLECTIONS ,
a meme hosted by James .

mardi 30 septembre 2014

Dear September ,

Dear September ,
 I usually like to see you arriving ,
like a good friend ,
 the arms full of gifts :
Some cool air for my mornings ,
some peace for my beach ,
 some raindrops to refresh me , 
some projects for my mind  ..
But this year ,
you were very disappointing !
No such gifts .
You brought only bad news ,
 bad moments ,
problems and tiredness..
You left me with heat and dust .
I almost did not see you  !

Now that October is knocking at the door ,
 you finally decided to be a little more kind .
This morning ,
 you added a touch of grey to my skies ,
sent a very few raindrops
and ruffled my hair with a light sea breeze..
And there was no bad news to hear .
We could say it's a good day ,
 but hey,
 it's your LAST day !

So good bye, September 2014 !
When you'll come back next year ,
 try to be more pleasant .
Today ,
I let you go with relief ,
and no regret ..

lundi 29 septembre 2014


Like every of us ,
the sun begins to wake up later and later ..

It's autumn's lazyness ,
 that desire to stay a little longer in the bed .
I guess clouds must be comfortable at this time of the year..

vendredi 26 septembre 2014

Think different !

Be a Pirate !
A pink spot among all those blue ships ..

I knew that there was something suspicious with that !

My contribution to WEEK-END REFLECTIONS  ,
 a meme hosted by James .